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Mini Schnauzer | Dog Walking

Mini Schnauzer

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Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Today’s life can quickly become busy and stressful, which
will affect your dog’s routine or exercise needs. A dog’s natural behaviour is
to chew, dig, bark, and jump, especially when feeling bored, lonely, or not
having not enough exercise. Providing regular daily exercise discourages these
behaviours, which reduces anxiety and stress for both of you!

Every dog needs
at least two long walks a day to stay healthy, happy and prevent bad behavior.


Group Walks

Group walks are great for socialization and plenty of
exercise. Dogs walk in the Edmonton or Sherwood Park offleash Park
where they have the option to be leash free.
I prefer to work with smaller group of 4-5 dogs per walk. This allows me
to have more off-leash time, provide more personal care and attention to each
dog, and more socialization and playtime with friends.

1 hour walk – $ 30


Private Walks

Does your dog prefer to stop and sniff every tree, roll in the
grass, chase a ball at the park, or go for a fast walk? Then maybe a private
walk is the right solution for you. Private walks are in your own
neighbourhood. Perfect for puppies, senior dogs or those who want undivided attention
provided to their furry family member.

1 hour walk – $ 40




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