Mini Schnauzer

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Both our girls are now spayed and retired from breeding. They are staying with us forever :)

Leela (parent’s pedigree)

Leela is our Queen. She was our first female and she likes to keep this post. She has very friendly personality and she loves kids. She is usually quiet dog but she will let you know if she hears something close our house. She is very playful and she loves to go for walk. Leela is from breeder in Hinton and her parents are AKC registered. She is 11 lbs.

Sheeba (pedigree)

Sheeba is our small princess. She is very tiny and we expect her less than 10 lbs fully grown. She has very playful personality and you can spend hours watching her run and play. She loves snow and she spend long time play outside even if it is cold. Sheeba is from breeder in Colorado and she is AKC registered. She is very unique colored and has very super coat.


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