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Mini Schnauzer | Pedigree Rasco

Mini Schnauzer

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Pedigree Rasco


Rasco Cornelius AmadeusColor: Black Parti

reg: RN18192504

Paco of Amherst Acres
Color: Black Parti
reg:RN04025305 (09-05)
Valet Parking
Color:Black Parti
reg: RM36636002 (02-04)
Montague’s Chocolate Taz
Color: Liver
reg: RM29365801 (05-01)
Montague’s Oklahoma Heidi
Color: Black & Silver
reg: RM34621602 (10-02)
Little Storm Cloud
Color: Black Parti
reg: RM36930603 (04-04)
RLP Little Maximilian
Color: Black Parti
reg: RM34103101 (01-03)
RLP Little Ebony
Color: Black
reg: RM33427906 (06-02)
Pandemonium in Motion
Color: Black
reg: RN03933204 (09-05)
CV’s Tuxedo Sam
Color: Black
reg: RM31367801 (10-02)
Morrows Cisco Bandit
Color: Black White MKGS
reg: RM15238901 (07-96)
Morrow’s Lakisha
Color: Black White MKGS
reg: RM23322806 (09-06)
Sarah Jo of Cedar Valley
Color: Black Spotted
reg:RM30930407 (03-02)
Morrow’s Buster
Color: Black
reg: RM26428902 (08-00)
C Bar M’s Spotted Natasha
Color: White Black MKGS
reg: RM17993202 (11-98)

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